No Bad Light for Street Photography / Remember Emotional Impact of colors / 4 Reasons Shooting at Sunrise and Sunset

  • The key is to use light, any light, to your advantage
  • Nighttime photography
  • Silhouettes
  • Shooting into the bright sun
  • Strong shadows
  • Reflections
  • High contrast situations
  • Dappled light
  • Rainy days
  • Open shade for street portraits
  • Golden and blue hour

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  • Red = passion and romance or violence and anger
  • Yellow = joy and intelligence or criticism and fear
  • Blue = peace and harmony or fear and depression
  • Orange = confidence and energy or slowness and pain (fire)
  • Purple = royalty and religion or bruised and beaten
  • Green = growth and soothing or envy and greed
  • Black = strong and committed or evil and death
  • White = purity and goodness or cold and distant

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  • Avoid harsh contrast
  • Maintain tones within your camera’s dynamic range
  • Avoid the commonplace
  • Capture the sky at its most vibrant

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