Dutch Angles, history of Aspect Ratio Composition and the importance of the Vanguard

Camera angles can communicate a lot of different emotions to your audience; Dutch Angles can help heighten psychological distress and tension, creating a cinematic environment that makes for a thrilling and suspenseful experience, but It must serve your story. For example, if you’ve got a scene in which a man and woman are chatting about scones, you might not want to use a Dutch angle. However, if they’re chatting about scones and the woman has a gun in her pocket with orders to assassinate the man,that would be an excellent time to use one.

Of course the choice of which format to use and how to compose shots, influence storytelling.

But if you want to see what the future of moving pictures looks like, one great place to look is what’s going on in experimental and avant-garde film: If classic narrative films are prose, then experimental films are poetry.



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